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WASHINGTON — President Trump wants to force drug companies to disclose their prices in TV ads — and that’s going to hit five companies much harder than any others: Pfizer, AbbVie, Eli Lilly, Amgen, and Allergan.

Just a few dozen drug companies run any TV ads at all, and those five companies alone were responsible for more than half of the drug ads customers saw on TV in the last 12 months, according to a STAT analysis of data provided by analytics company Pfizer, for example, ran 37 unique ads in the last 12 months — racking up an advertising bill of over $600 million, according to iSpot’s estimate.


The list sheds light on the ultimate impact of the proposed policy, which Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar unveiled Monday and which would affect any drug covered by Medicare or Medicaid that cost more than $35 per month.

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  • Stop TV by regulatory authority
    that discount can divert to patient
    scope to reduce cost medicine

    spending on ad to be stop legally by every country

    30 % price can possible to reduce
    increase competition

    make NON Profit manufacturing unit by FOUNDATION RUN by expert
    to reduce cost by 50 % medicine
    Innovation plan to reduce price

  • One thing that has been left out of this pricing conversation is the fact that DTC marketing is allowed at all. Just the few examples given in the article represents approximately $1B which would either reduce cost or could go to R&D. Physicians should be making prescribing decisions, something which is supported by the fact that the US is one of only two countries on the planet that allow DTC.

  • Rather than falsely manipulating the issue over alleged constitutional rights of drug manufacturers under written by benefit of the business tax write-off they receive at the expense of the public, here’s a novel idea to protect the public’s rights: cease all advertising of prescription drug products in non-clinical media.

    Drugs should be treated no different than the poison the tobacco industry used to push to the public.

    The public does not benefit in any legitimate manner receiving such loaded ads. Funny, how long has it taken clinically educated NPs and PAs to be allowed to make clinical decisions, when at the same time, Big Pharma promotes ads to push the public to demand those drugs from their physician provider…

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