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Apple’s EKG app stands out in a maze of health technologies for its ability to monitor a user’s heart function around the clock from any location, generating a stream of data that could personalize cardiology care and lead to the development of more effective treatments.

But for Apple itself, the business impact is potentially even more far-reaching. It gives America’s dominant maker of consumer technologies a giant head start in the exploding market for patient monitoring devices — a field that could upend the way care is delivered not just in cardiology, but in countless other specialties as well.

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  • The internet is still not a safe, or private place for anyone to want to have access to apps that are not explained yet, as to the efficacy of the clinical trials, or whether or not the treatment is using the required HIPPA rights for privacy issues that are mandated by the Medical Profession.

    I don’t even allow my insurance companies to be on the internet, nor any other privacy reasons that I don’t use the internet because of the one significant reason: there are no guarantees that anything that is on the internet is ever going to be private. By using these devices, an individual is giving up their privacy to anyone who is experienced with hacking into the devices of any company’s devices! Not my favorite place for my personal life experiences.

    Plus are we supposed to accept that we are now probably setting a precedent that is going to be used against individuals who have agreed to have their physicians replaced by AI. Don’t even think about that reality, you are truly going to regret this one day very soon, if you agree to replace your own physician for the AI device, instead!

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