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For the first time, the Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on stem cell clinics for overzealous marketing claims, filing a complaint against two California clinics that promoted their treatments for everything from autism to Parkinson’s despite a lack of evidence.

As part of a proposed settlement announced Thursday, the FTC is requiring the clinics — Regenerative Medical Group and Telehealth Medical Group — and their owner, Dr. Bryn Jarald Henderson, to stop making such claims and to inform past and current patients about the settlement.


In the complaint, the FTC accused Henderson and his clinics of implying or directly saying that their treatments could help patients with a range of diseases even though there was no indication that was the case. The agency also cited the companies for describing their treatments as comparable to or better than approved or studied treatments.

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  • Regular under-funding and removal of funding from regulatory agencies, and removal of many False Health Claim Laws, has been systemic and by design. The only thing they accomplished here was to clarify some of the language in the false health claims. Here in the US, even Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and other Alternative Healers are peddling Stem Cells. The only reason there was any action was because a few people were blinded by stem cell injections into their eyes, done by quacks. Criminals and Quacks, take the lack of Regulation, Law Enforcement, and common sense as a get rich scheme. This should have been dealt with years ago, but like everything else in American healthcare, if there is a profit, it is fair game, even if people die, are ripped off or are blinded.
    Welcome to Post truth America, this won;t do much, but in a Marketplace of scams, schemes and predatory healthcare, anything goes.

    Here in post Science America, when the FDA refused to allow Energy Secretary rick Perry to peddle expensive stem cell treatments, he took his criminal organization to Mexico.

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