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WASHINGTON — The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday suggested a Trump administration proposal that would define someone’s sex at birth risked heightening stigma around transgender people.

The director, Robert Redfield, did not directly criticize the proposal. But when asked whether any such effort might hamper efforts to treat HIV, especially among transgender women, he replied: “We need to understand that stigmatizing illness, stigmatizing individuals is not in the interest of public health.”

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  • Decisions based on Alternate Facts, how could that go wrong? Since has documented very well that human gender and sexuality is a spectrum. Many people are born with indeterminate genitalia, and now they want the government to intrude and assign a gender even if it is the wrong one. They did this kind of thing back in the 1950s, and it was cruel, and inhumane, because Doctors often picked the wrong Gender.
    There is no “Controversy” the Science is really clear!

  • Since the ancients Greeks were able to describe hermaphrodites (individuals with external characteristics of both sexes), then the problem has been known for a couple of millenia at least…
    So how does the Orange Cheato think it is a new thing which science just discovered??

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