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ST. CHARLES, Mo. — Claire McCaskill is betting her political future on a simple hope: that Missouri voters care enough about drug pricing to give her another term in Washington.

It is a bold strategy for a Democrat in an increasingly red state, facing an uphill battle to keep her Senate seat. Yet McCaskill is investing heavily in the approach, devoting fully half of a 15-minute stump speech here last week to the perceived evils of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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  • Project Veritas busted Claire on hidden video. She was busted lying on cam and her minions were busted explaining how and why Claire lies. She is an Obama puppet and she states that on hidden camera. Then when she gets busted, she pulls a Hillary Clinton. When Hillary’s emails were busted by Assange, she cried-DON’T LOOK AT THOSE! THE RUSSIANS HACKED THEM! No they didn’t. Seth Rich did. But so what? They were REAL. Doesn’t matter how they were released. They were real. But Dems are to stupid to question so they follow the party line. This is what Claire did. She was busted. The footage is real. So what does she do? She deflects by saying- DON’T LOOK AT THIS! WE WERE INFILTRATED AND WERE SPIED ON!! So what? The footage is REAL. The people of MO see through Claire this time. She is as done as a dry pork chop. And it couldn’t happen to a nicer Liar. Trump 2020. #RedNovember #WalkAway

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