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WASHINGTON — The claps died down for a moment, but quickly came back louder than before: by the end, the assembled lawmakers, Cabinet members, law enforcement officials, and White House staff applauded President Trump and his efforts to address the opioid crisis for nearly 40 seconds.

It was a lengthy victory lap for a year of modest progress combating the opioid crisis, culminating in the president signing a sweeping but largely unambitious bill.


“Together, we are going to end the scourge of drug addiction in America,” the president said in an East Room speech. “We are going to end it or we are going to at least make an extremely big dent.”

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  • The physicians seems to be incompetent, ignorant, or negligent. With all their evidence-based, they were not aware of the addictive side effects of opioids. The AMA needs a revamp.

  • They left the Diversion of opiates from the supply chain completely out of the Bill. These ghouls have been lying to the American people for nearly two decades, so they could increase Law Enforcement, and attack people with chronic pain. Nowhere in this Bill, does the topic of Diversion come up, and that is by design. They are still protecting the corporate entities, who tied the hands of the DEA, bribed our politicians and policy makers, and lied about this so called epidemic. A lot of people died because of these lies and omissions. There are no clear reporting guidelines so most of the data they are presenting is misleading. It looks like a lot more people will die, due to this alternative fact based rampage.
    People should really look at where this money is really being spent. The states that expanded Medicaid are way ahead of the curve. That means that the rest of the country will do the same things that did not work a decade ago. HHS was bragging about “Faith Based Treatment” even as we saw the death toll rise. That is how they handled this for 2 decades, while lying to the public.

    CVS was caught red handed, and fined for allowing opiates to be stolen from heir supply chain, while at the same time they were denying legitimate prescriptions to cancer patients. They were one of the few who got caught. As the supply was tightened they created a lucrative black market, protected by the FDA. Millions of doses were diverted to the black market, and sold on the streets, while the DEA was forced to look the other way, due to corporate pressure.

    This has been going on for decades but got worse after they started restricting medication to people with legitimate chronic pain. They are also misleading us about he number of Suicides directly related to chronic pain. People should start asking who benefited. Along the way they helped the Treatment Industry make billions, while the their clients died. They allowed Pharma to profit from expensive and ineffective “alternatives.” They ruined lives, and allowed people to die.

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