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WASHINGTON — The Trump administration’s new plan to pay for certain drugs in Medicare based on international prices quickly set off a war with the drug industry after it was unveiled Thursday — and both sides are charging ahead with aggressive statements that the other is ignoring patients.

The trade group for drug makers, PhRMA, called the proposal “price controls” and said it was “disappointed the administration put the needs of patients aside with these proposals.”

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  • Simple fact of the matter is that the pharmaceutical industry all inclusive has lived high on the hog. They have legislators in their back pocket and know it that by scaring the populous they will win. Stern and bold action is needed. It will be interesting how far each side gives.

    My conjecture is only executive action will resolve the issues at hand. Pharma is going to scream that they are the sacrificial lamb. May be it is time as the lamb has become little too rounded and needs to go on a diet. This is a better choice for everyone rather than other alternates.

    • To the point: what DJT wants, is the pharms make Europe/Canada to PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE.

      Europe/Canada, you have been leeching off the USA for decades, the bill is NOW DUE .. deal with it like adults.

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