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WASHINGTON — Democrats rode a wave of health care messaging into a majority of the House of Representatives, projections showed Tuesday, propelled by vows to protect Americans with pre-existing health conditions and dramatically lower prescription drug costs.

Some of the winning Democrats highlighted their own health struggles. Others lambasted their Republican opponents for taking money from drug companies and health insurers. The GOP’s steadfast effort to roll back the Affordable Care Act dominated congressional campaigns around the country, and on Election Day, exit polls showed health care was the top concern for voters.


The victory puts Democrats in a far better position to test the far-reaching health care agenda they have campaigned on for well over a year, though their ambitions will almost certainly be curtailed by a Republican-held Senate and President Trump’s White House.

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  • Could you possibly be anymore politically biased? My premiums went up so high under the (un)affordable health care act that I no longer have health care, but I make too much for socialist assistance, so no, I’m not happy.

  • It didn’t work for Heidi in ND. The healthcare lies and demagoguery were part of the reason she lost, in addition to all of her lies about Cramer giving himself a raise and hurting farmers. If the US would follow the ND lead we would be a far more prosperous country. Just look at how we have developed the oil and gas industries creating thousands of jobs in a state of far less than a million people. ND is a shining economic and social example for the country. And proudly all Republican now that we got rid of Heidi.

  • Nancy Pelosi and the Dems ran on a false narrative that Republicans wanted to mess with Medicare and Medicaid. That is completely false. It was Obama that passed the worst healthcare bill in history, obamacare. It caused health insurance companies to go bankrupt, healthcare prices to sky rocket, penalize those who didn’t want healthcare, and lied about keeping their doctor. Good job Democrats!

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