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WASHINGTON — Will House Democrats set their sights on high drug prices over Russian election hacking? Should drug industry CEOs be checking their mailboxes for subpoenas? Is Bob Casey or Greg Walden the next Orrin Hatch? What about the next Claire McCaskill?

Drug industry executives are no doubt buzzing over many questions in the wake of the Democrats’ takeover of the House. Democrats made health care a central plank of their re-election drive, and they’ve made clear that they’ll leverage their new power to make lots of noise about the high cost of prescription drugs.

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  • The question RE. Pharmaceuticals ‘hiding’ patents behind a claim of an “Indian tribe’s” ‘sovereign Indian nation’ is easily put to rest…permanently! Demand an answer to this question. It is a simple question. So simple, it is hard:
    “Where is the proclamation ratified by the voters of the United States to amend the United States Constitution to make the health, welfare, safety and benefits of a select group of U.S./State citizens distinguishable because of their “Indian ancestry/race?”

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