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WASHINGTON — The advocacy group Patients for Affordable Drugs had a near-perfect night at the polls on Tuesday, marking its first year on the national elections scene by claiming success in all but one of the competitive elections it had waded into.

The group’s sole issue, lowering high prescription drug prices, even provided a rare point of agreement on Wednesday in a deeply divided Washington. In post-midterms remarks, President Trump cited high drug costs as a potential area for compromise with Democrats. Sens. Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer — the Senate’s top Republican and Democrat, respectively — extended the same olive branch. So did Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat who will likely serve as the next speaker of the House.


Patients for Affordable Drugs is so pleased with the results, in fact, that its president is suddenly optimistic about working with even some of his staunchest foes.

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  • The mass media is not covering this topic, since they are owned by the same profiteers and billionaires that invest in Pharma. At the same time many Americans, are insulted from the facts. Insurance and Medicare pay for these drugs, so many people are unaware of the true costs. The media doesn’t cover the number of people who die or suffer complications because they could not afford these drugs. The Alternate facts promoted by Pharma and their paid trolls on sites like this, are repeated across the Internet.

    Every newspaper in America has only written minimally on the topic, leaving out facts like the true costs, the amount of tax payer funded research that contributed to these “breakthroughs,” and even the number of local deaths or cases of infectious diseases, due to the costs.
    Here in America, there are only two allowed perspectives, either the hokey new age, alternative medicine, spreading fear about vaccines and Pharma, or the “free market ideology. There is little in between, or serious discussion.

    When my state rationed the Hepatitis C Cure, because the one that cured more than 95 % of Hep C cases was too expensive, our news did not cover it. Our Health Department did not bother to count the number of extra cases of infection due to the cost. They did not cover how many more people would need the expensive treatment, the innocent wives or partners, who would unknowingly get infected. This state had the highest rates of heroin addiction which was a large contributor to the Hepatitis C infections.

    The local media increased the stigma on these individuals, since the victims were mostly Hispanic or heroin addicts, who were incarcerated. The ran a crime all of the time narrative that misled the public on the danger to public health. The stigma and blame were easier than providing facts. One infection due to using the lower cost version, should have been an outrage, instead they glossed over it. If one of the subjects infected his pregnant wife, with hepatitis c, it should have given people pause. The cost was not in any newspaper, informing the public, while the stigma, racism, and hate encouraged towards the infected, was well enforced. The media helped silence the questions, all the while advertising even more expensive and often unnecessary drugs.
    The U.S in order to protect public health used to have Laws, about advertising health claims. There were Laws that made advertising pharmaceuticals illegal. The pharmaceutical industry did away with them. The Greed, Corruption, and Deaths have been normalized.
    Not many American were very concerned about the ties between the industry and the regulatory agencies. The media failed to cover the connections. The so called opiate epidemic, was brought about by the lies in the marketing of pharmaceuticals.
    There are Stations on Cable TV, that encourage pharmaceutical advertising, since it is profitable. No one noticed how the drivel and pseudo science promoted by Dr OZ, The Doctors, Dr Phil, all serve as filler for Pharmaceutical Advertising. No one spoke up when scientific studies were misreported to sell pharmaceuticals, supplements, and even new age quackery. It was all profitable, just like lying to the American Public!
    The news has not covered the topic of antibiotic resistance either. The facts are inconvenient and unprofitable, for the pharmaceutical manufacturers. The US is subject to alternative facts daily, these topics have been woven into advertorials, and content marketing.
    The Costs to our healthcare system are not publicized, in order to keep the public complacent. The number of deaths, and the unnecessary medical care are also secret. In Fact a lot of things are secret in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Any effort to track any of this, was shot down by the industries that profit form the secrecy. Industry insiders, lobbyists, and CEO’s continue to tell our bought and paid for politicians that counting the dead, the adverse events or costs, are government overreach. CMS, the FDA, CDC, and even the DEA, have all been hobbled by the extraordinary and obscene profits generated by deceiving the public. It was a lot easier to blame immigrants and poor people, stigmatize the addicted, and blame the sick, than give us the facts.

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