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WASHINGTON — The Department of Health and Human Services has recommended a ban on the chemicals in kratom that would make the popular herbal supplement as illegal as heroin or LSD, according to documents obtained by STAT.

HHS asserted in a letter to the Drug Enforcement Administration that two chemicals in kratom should be classified as Schedule I substances, meaning that the chemicals have “a high potential for abuse” and that there is “no currently accepted medical use” for them. The letter was accompanied by a supporting analysis.


Should the DEA make such a ruling, anyone who buys, sells, or uses the substances might face steep punishments, like prison sentences, and anyone who wants to do research with the chemicals would need to obtain special permission from the the DEA. Specific penalties would depend on state and federal laws that are often related to the DEA’s scheduling decisions — so possession of kratom might be treated differently than LSD, for example.

In interviews with STAT, several scientists expressed concerns that such a ban would stifle research on chemicals that could be developed into alternatives to the addictive prescription opioids that kill tens of thousands of Americans each year. They said banning kratom would harm people who are currently using the substance.

People have been using kratom, a plant from Southeast Asia, to treat pain and other conditions, and to wean off opioids. It is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and that agency has led an aggressive crackdown on the plant, halting some imports and reprimanding companies for claiming that the substance has medical benefits.


The recommendation in the documents is in keeping with past public statements from leading federal officials, including FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, but it is the first indication of the agency’s position on scheduling the chemicals in kratom. Gottlieb has said that kratom is “an opioid” and has been “associated” with dozens of deaths.

“Kratom should not be used to treat medical conditions, nor should it be used as an alternative to prescription opioids,” Gottlieb said in a statement in February. He added, “There is no evidence to indicate that kratom is safe or effective for any medical use.”

Now, it’s up to the DEA to decide whether or not the chemicals should be placed on Schedule 1. DEA spokesperson Katherine Pfaff declined to say when this might happen, and said the process can take “months to years.” Members of the public would have some time to appeal the decision, or make comments, before the decision is finalized.

“The medical and scientific evaluation that HHS provides to DEA is a crucial document in the process,” Pfaff said.

DEA spokesperson Rusty Payne declined to say whether the agency typically follows HHS recommendations like the one in the documents STAT obtained. He said it would take days to pull those statistics. But Payne said that HHS does have the power to prevent a substance from being scheduled. “If they say no, we’re bound by that,” Payne said.

Scientists and kratom advocates warn that banning kratom outright will only harm people, especially people who are using kratom instead of stronger painkillers.

“I have major concerns about just pulling the rug out from under tens of thousands of people who are using this to support their health, especially in the case of people who are using it to stay off of more dangerous opioids,” said Andrew Kruegel, a Columbia University associate research scientist in chemistry, who has studied kratom. A Washington-based group that opposes a kratom ban, the Drug Policy Alliance, paid to fly Kruegel to D.C. twice this year to discuss this issue with Congress, he said.

Some states have already banned kratom, but it’s currently legal at the federal level. It’s sold in different forms, including dry powder and capsules. According to the American Kratom Association, millions of Americans use the substance. Pete Candland, executive director of the association, said this is the organization’s “best estimate,” but did not provide a specific source.

The federal government has been contemplating tougher regulation for years. In 2016, the DEA tried to ban the chemicals in kratom, but reversed course after severe backlash from kratom users and members of Congress. DEA then solicited the advice of the FDA on how to proceed.

STAT obtained the document through a Freedom of Information Act request sent in March to the DEA. The DEA routed the request to HHS. HHS provided a document that appears to be missing some pages but included the department’s recommendation.

An HHS spokesperson declined to provide the complete document and said the original document was provided to STAT in error.

“This document was inadvertently disclosed and should have been withheld as it is part of a pre-decisional, deliberative process rightfully protected by the Freedom of Information Act and implementing regulations,” said HHS spokesperson Caitlin Oakley. “That deliberative process is still ongoing, and therefore we have nothing further to add.”

In the letter letter dated Oct. 17, 2017, HHS sent a recommendation, which, according to the letter, is supported by the FDA as well as the National Institute on Drug Abuse at the National Institutes of Health. The recommendation: put the chemicals in kratom on Schedule 1.

Not only would the move make it illegal to buy, sell, or use the substances, but it would also make it more difficult for researchers to study kratom, because they would need to obtain permission from the DEA to work with the substance, scientists said.

“Me and my colleagues and other collaborators who are already working on it would probably find a way to continue, but anyone new who was looking at that would probably say, ‘forget it,’” Kruegel said.

Payne said that 692 scientists currently have permission to do research on Schedule 1 substances, and that about three-quarters of them are working with marijuana or related substances.

“I understand that people would rather not have to deal with bureaucracy, but it’s our job to keep the public safe, and you can’t just have controlled substances running around, especially Schedule 1, being handled by non-registrants with no oversight,” Payne said.

Dr. Alicia Lydecker, an emergency physician at Albany Medical Center, said that it’s important to keep researching kratom because the substance might be able to provide pain relief in a safer way than prescription opioids.

“Limiting research on this could be kind of limiting or restricting a potential useful therapy for a huge problem that’s going on right now,” Lydecker said.

Some research conducted on rats, which was published after HHS sent its memo to DEA, provides evidence that some of the chemicals in kratom carry little risk for addiction. Two studies published this summer showed that one of the chemicals in kratom that HHS recommended scheduling, mitragynine, was not abused by the rats. Both of the studies were funded in part by the NIH.

While the FDA has been clear about its opposition to kratom for some time, it has not previously publicly supported a scheduling decision.

In February, the FDA warned that kratom might kill people. They released information about some of the 44 “reported deaths” that were “associated with the use of kratom,” in Gottlieb’s words.

But many of those individuals were also using other drugs, according to the FDA’s own data. One person fell out of a window. Another was shot, The Huffington Post reported.

“It’s really hard to create a consistent picture of what are the causes of death,” said Oliver Grundmann, a professor at the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy. He said that “kratom is not a harmless supplement” and that there are risks to using it, but that scheduling two of the chemicals in it is “not warranted, in my opinion.”

Kratom advocates say that FDA is cherry-picking the science, and that evidence exists to support the idea that kratom can help patients.

“[FDA] treated essentially a lot of anecdotal evidence of harm as fact, but is not willing to consider anecdotal evidence of benefit in the same way,” said Grant Smith, deputy director of national affairs at the Drug Policy Alliance, which opposes criminalizing kratom.

The scheduling of substances by DEA doesn’t always match up with how users are treated by law enforcement.

For example, marijuana is also on Schedule I, but many state have passed laws decriminalizing the use or possession of small amounts.

The American Kratom Association supports regulations for kratom, and potentially a ban on a type of kratom that is modified so it becomes more potent, Candland, the executive director, said.

  • Clearly this is made up, pure kratom does not do that ! You were too dramatic in your comment or else it would of been believable… not possible for kratom to have that traumatic effect on someone who used it for 2 years and stopped , I wanted to see how it would effect me if i stopped, i hardly had any effect other than my back pain came back , plus wouldn’t you want to be addicted to something natural that doesn’t harm the body than alcohol… if it was even addictive.. its helped and saved so many people from drugs something that’s ACTUALLY killing people.. get real .. Kratom doesn’t do that and shame on you for posting that it does , and yeah why don’t you put that effort in trying to ban alcohol,. Kratom is more than safe to take and is not possible to have worse or even same side effects as quitting being an alcoholic when you stop taking it

  • This is no disrespect to those of you urging no ban on kratom because I’ve been there. I would have fought tooth and nail at the time that I was taking it to prevent it from being banned. IT IS ADDICTIVE AS HELL! As a recovered alcoholic, I can speak from experience. I was hooked on Kratom for two years and it was one of the worst things even in comparison with alcohol to come off of. The depression was a nightmare. When I began using it, I had no idea how addictive it was. It absolutely caused health problems, tremors, severe side effects. I am all for banning it. It’s dangerous and caused me a lot of problems.

  • Banning kratom is a big mistake. I personally know many people to kick their opioid addiction including myself it was not at all habit forming. Furthermore the people I know that used it never went back to opioids. The problem is pharma and kratom is a plant. Like marijuana plants can’t be patented so the don’t make the money. So pharma pays political parties to ban certain of plants and keep people on horrible drugs that ruin your body, hence you need more drugs.

  • Banning kratom is a big mistake. I personally know many people to kick their opioid addiction including myself it was not at all habit forming. Furthermore the people I know that used it never went back to opioids.

  • First off I would like to tell you where I was a little over 2 years ago. I was a drugged up youth pretty much on the road to death and or heroine overdose . I lost so many friends around me. My cousin mentioned a plant that would help me get off of it and change my life. I was desperate as even the methadone clinic had done very little for me . I literally went from stealing looting barely able to hold a job to a job and being brought up into management. I’m not accrediting all of that to Kratom. But I can tell you I suffer from extreme anxiety depression and over all pain ( grandma would say I stress myself to death) and this has been the only thing that has helped all of that. I have lost more friends to heroine during my time even while trying to help them get off it with Kratom. But I can tell you there are others who did the same thing im doing and their lives are just as good. Please I’m telling you banning Kratom is a mistake and the government will lose countless youth back to opiates heroine and death!

    • I totally agree with your description of kratom and it’s use. It also is currently helping me with the coming off of heroin. I will give you an update in a week it’s only been 3 days since I’ve used but you know as well as I do that 3 days is a huge milestone when it comes to heroin use. It’s given me hope a great deal of hope. Drew

  • Firstly. Kratom does NOT bind with your receptors that regulate breathing or heart rate ,that is a fact therefore it is impossible to overdose on Kratom. An overdose means it kills you. They say that there is one death that is solely related to Kratom but nobody has any explanations scientifically or even guessing on why and how it killed the person! Secondly we all know the government has been lying through its teeth to us about marijuana and the fact that there’s so many benefits! They’ve even admitted to the fact that they have lied for decades upon decades knowing full well that it was a cure for cancer! Thirdly the DEA and the FDA are all influenced by big pharmaceutical companies and funded by them and we all know this to be facts as well so that said…. Let’s all stop letting the government spoon-feed us their lies and keeping the veil over our heads in an effort to keep their pockets fat and control us like little children. We’re grown-ups and adults let us make our own decisions with our own lives! Moving forward in all overdoses that they think they want to blame on Kratom I would like to see the laundry list of drugs that are in these people’s bodies. Also I believe and know that there are more deaths related to ibuprofen and aspirin every year then there is from Kratom! There more deaths from an injuries from Thumbtack and paper clips and pencils and there is from marijuana as well. So I’ll go back to my old saying which is never steered me wrong… “if it’s organic Don’t Panic if it’s from a pharmaceutical company Run for the Hills!!”

    • They do not care if it helps anyone or how safe it is. They will continue to issue this propaganda until they fill they have the least public sentiment against them a criminalize it and every citizen that uses their God given rights to be free and continue using it. Too many donors have sent out the memo to ban it at all cost. We will have to wake up one day and put an end to this corrupt system.

    • The funny thing is, that case they are so blatantly using for their so-called proof of a death!!!???!!! Well, I saw the official paper online some time ago, with a photo of the person and, you know what?!?!?! Well, they person did, in fact, die, of an overdose!!! Yes!!!BUT!!! It was “from fentanyl” NOT KRATOM, or fluoride, or the other poisons they put in our food to dumb us down…and, you do know that fluoride is left over from the atom bomb, don’t you? Look it up!!! They had an excess of it, since they couldn’t continue killing more people and destroying Our Precious Gaia anymore, so they figured out just what they ‘could’ do with the fluoride (Atom Bomb ingredient!!)
      Isn’t that a hard thing to realize??? When I first started realizing what had been going on on this planet, it just blew me away!!! At first, I denied it!!! I just COULD NOT believe it!!!
      But, yes, once you start learning about flouride and the ‘chemtrails’, etc etc etc etc, it is sooo surreal…It is hard to believe that there could be evil of that caliber existing in the manner to which it’s intent has taken it!!!
      I have been, Thank God!!!, using KRATOM to try to help to remove even just a little but of the SEVERE debilitating pain that I was left with, after I had a 12 and a half hour large peach-size brain tumor surgery😩 in 1993😟….
      So, yes, I anm finally blessed with something that, by no means, removes all the pain, for, it is not very strong…it just maybe, sort of helps..kind of like ibuprofen does…but, maybe not that well..the thing is, ibuprofen and acetaminophen is eating my liver and I got a bleeding ulcer from the ibuprofen😫…
      So, you can imagine when I first realized something “natural” exists, that hasn’t been modified and messed with, by pharmacology…
      It has never made me feel like I am controlled by it!!! I mean, seriously??? Whomever, I’m sorry, but if there are people that feel that way, it obviously, is as a result of obsession… And addiction, with, ummm, let’s see, ANYTHING!!! Some people, no matter what it is they do in life, they are addicted to, whatever it may be, at any given point in their lives… Moving from one obsession/addiction/OCD😊
      to another.. relationships, gambling, dancing, EATING, drinking, child-molestation, any of the thing that controls the person, instead of the person having self-respect and awareness, etc etc etc, to NOT DO certain things!!! There are endless addictions… I am addicted to being the most awesome gramma!!! And, yes, it does take me over!!! LoL 😂😂😂RealLove does that to ya!!! But, as humans, we stop when we get to a certain point that is called “COMMON SENSE”!!!
      Then, you don’t overdo it, whatever it may be that one is struggling with that had control over their willpower…
      It is soooo wrong to say that everybody that eats food or drinks, whatever, that every single person doing these things are in the same category as those who eat to excess, that drink to excess, that don’t just love children in a way God honors, but, that, all of everybody are child molesters and over-eaters and alcoholics, etc etc etc…
      That is totally backwards wrong!!! Do they not see the point???
      The medical pharmaceutical industry makes ENOUGH!!!! Without using their>>>>addiction here, regarding KRATOM, to try to steal this, too!!!???!!! It is reallllly ridiculous!!!
      Really!!! I am really beside myself with shame, thinking that our pharmaceutical industry, whoever is pulling this game control, that they are part of God, too, as I am, as it doesn’t matter a key sense people would have a very such evil intentions to do what they are trying to do…and misrepresenting the accuracy of is silly!!! It has been in other cultures for forever…… Do they not realize they are going to cross over, too, and on the other side, there is no hiding? And they are goung back to God consciousness, too😊The low dark energy cannot survive on the planet anymore, for, the Light is illuminating the dark and all the things that’s been hidden is purging to the surface… They can’t hide in the darkness anymore
      I would just hope and pray that those pushing this silliness, to search their hearts, and intent… And the intent of those at the very top pushing buttons and stocking more $$$ in their vault, etc etc etc…
      This is morally wrong…
      I love you all😊
      May You All Be Blessed Beyond Description😊
      Namaste✧・゚ *。・*・゚★。・*・゚☆✧*

  • I am a disabled veteran who has severe PTSD,major depression and health problems caused by Anthrax Vaccinations I received while serving. Many suicide attempts one where I was clinically dead for 2 1/2 minutes. But was begrudgingly brought back. 20 years of hell. Many prescribed meds in my past all ineffective. Developed a severe dependency on opioids due to combat the pain of a failing organ. I found Kratom 3 years ago and my life has turned around. I went from 7 prescriptions to 0 after using Kratom. For me and my family it is a miracle and had given me a quality of life that is worth living. If they take this away there will be many more suicides and heroin,opioid overdoses. This country is sad. Please send me an update to this article if any. Thank You!#

  • Stacey Graham, now I suppose you’re going to go after coffee next! After all, they are related! I stopped kratom after 8 years and never experienced the devastating withdrawals that you did, not saying it didn’t happen to you…

    • Kratom has, without a doubt, screwed with my life. I faced my first round of addiction to the stuff for a straight 6 years ending my habit at a whopping $1000+ a month. I kicked it cold turkey and went through a 2 week phase of withdrawal that had symptoms consistent with heroine withdrawal. Four months following I struggled with PAWS and general neurological imbalance which ultimately led me back to a full blown relapse some months later. I’m currently going through out patient rehab to kick this crap again and hopefully things will go more smoothly. By degree and profession I’m a medical herbalist and I will say this: just because it came from a plant DOES NOT make it 100% safe!!!!! Opium poppy is a plant, coca is a plant, hell, poison hemlock is a plant. Does that make them safe? No idiot! Looking for safe, non habit forming pain relief? Try curcumin phytosome or maybe boswellia, cats claw etc. Should kratom be banned? Maybe, maybe not. It should be regulated in the same way booze and tobacco are at a minimum. It is a drug and an addictive one at that. You say: but it’s not an opiate! No? Binds at the same damned receptor sites and has the same effect. But it’s in the coffee family therefore it must be safe! Who says?! Doesn’t matter two shakes what family it’s in, it works the way it works and it sure seems opiate like to me. In clinical settings the withdrawal symptoms are managed the same way as other opiates so they make no distinction. The pro kratom community needs to accept the simple fact that this plant comes with risks and that it’s not all that and a bag of chips for free. Take my opinion or leave it but this stuff isn’t so safe as all that.

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