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WASHINGTON — Rep. Peter Welch, a Vermont Democrat, is one of the loudest voices in Congress on the need to lower prescription drug prices. Already, he’s met with President Trump in the White House to discuss the issue, co-sponsored one of the most aggressive drug-pricing reforms introduced in the current Congress, and taken a leadership role in a Democratic group called the Affordable Prescription Drug Task Force.

With his party back in the House majority for the first time since 2010, Welch and a pair of key allies — Reps. Elijah Cummings (Md.) and Lloyd Doggett (Texas) — are positioned to push their Democratic colleagues on a number of legislative proposals, including the party’s white whale: allowing Medicare to negotiate for prescription drug prices.

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  • It sure is a “Broken Market” unfortunately no mass media will cover the facts. the so called market is rigged. American tax payers pay twice, once for the initial research, and then when they get sick. The media has been silent on how much this costs us every year. Pharma made sure that the facts will be kept form the public, and the owners of media are profiting too. Our media has normalized the criminal behavior of these pharma companies.

    While they are looking at prices, they need to ban pharmaceutical advertising, and crack down on all healthcare advertising.

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