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This weekend I learned that some people get very angry when you write about mineral oil.

Hello, Amarin (AMRN) fans. Let’s discuss next steps forward for your favorite biopharma — and its drug derived from fish oil, Vascepa — now that the REDUCE-IT study has been presented and published in full. There’s more to the story than worries about a mineral oil placebo.

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  • the story of where the ingredients are harvested by Japanese fishermen and make its way to your local walgrreens and or cvs is fascinating. the bakers have backed this firm for a long time with around a 50000000 share investment. we have not heard the last about this outfit.

  • in the amarin corporation stock right now i dont think its a good market to capitalize on not because of how it dropped 13% in november its mainly because of how over rated they are and how many people invest in it because of how it is talked about and they have no knowledge of what it is or what happens. Buying stocks such as amarin when you first start doing starts is not a good idea. Get knowledge of how the market works before you invest and capitalize on big well known companies such as maybe amazon or adidas. In the corporation today i dont think oil companies are the only thing to capitalize on therefore because of how bad margins are nowadays.

  • This is absurd—a potentially life saving drug is being bashed for an exaggerated placebo controversy. The trial demonstrated a 25% reduction in the primary endpoints, many of which are SERIOUS, life-threatening events. Peoples lives will be saved with this drug. For Pete’s sake, what are the ethical standards held by this rag?

  • Adam Feuerstein is doing nothing but try to take advantage of this erroneous mineral oil “controversy” in order to serve himself and others who have shorted Amarin stock. Feuerstein does this repeatedly, it has been written about in the Washington Post. He is an irresponsible and unethical journalist and a hack, to boot.

  • I just can’t get what’s going on with my America…. tears in my eyes, hopes to My God it will meet Its end soon. Vascepa is a scam product, why CEO did not tell us bout statins and mineral oil which were also used by patients? Strange. Scam. Stop.

  • @Allison paid for by Amarin

    a) name any food product were mineral oil is lawfully used. Let alone, being rich in potentially carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic compounds

    b) the argument that they had to use mineral oil to be indistinguishable from vascepa is blatantly ridiculous. Is trial 101: both treatment and control should be delivered in anonymous vehicles, like opaque or white capsules. And if anything, there are myriads of ways to make two substances look alike, such as colorants, thickeners, etc..

    c) the correct control should have been basic unrefined fish oil, as the whole point (aka scam) of vascepa being effective lies on its purified fractions. And, would also have been a powerful way to discriminate against OTC fish oil products.
    But, of course, if they would have used that in the control group there wouldn’t have been any significant result. And also pretty sure, there wouldn’t have been any benefit against a water based look alike.

  • Seems as if you are Matt are on the payroll at AstaZeneca…that, or snuggling up to those who have shorted the stock and want to make a quick buck before the stock inevitable rises. It seems pretty unethical to bring up concerns regarding mineral oil (concerns supported by a cardiologist currently conducting a competing study) when there is ZERO scientific evidence that shows that statins are inhibited by mineral oil. Cheap and tactless way to manipulate the stock price. The real story here is that a company managed to make a natural drug, with relatively few side-effects, that yielded impressive results. This is major news and has incredible implications for future use of EPA, DHA, and possibly DPA.

    • Anyone who looks at the data can see for themselves that placibo results for those that had slight increases in LDL- C are the same as the placebo end that had the same or lower LDL-C. Whoever started or profited from the mineral oil lie should be prosecuted.

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