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Aimmune Therapeutics (AIMT) picked up an independent endorsement Sunday for its oral challenge approach to protecting people against severe peanut allergy. However, the newly published review also highlights some tolerability concerns that have previously stoked investor concerns.

The endorsement, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, accompanied new Phase 3 data on Aimmune’s product, called AR101.

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  • Aimmune Therapeutics is a scam!

    AR101 = fat free peanut flour (as described in the clinical trial)

    The “fat free” is most likely for preservation reasons and, mainly, to fool people in not smelling out what it really is. And possibly, less effective than whole peanut flour, as it has been deprived of possible fat soluble antigens.

    dosage up to 300mg/day = one peanut kernel sprinkled on meal. Total cost of peanut flour and precision scale from Amazon, less than 50 bucks

    If the desensitization works, you can tolerate up to 5 peanut kernels!

    Aimmune, Amarin, Sage … we live in a golden age of FDA validated scams

    • Same thing I was focused on when I read it as well
      So this sure to be $5K per year “solution” is going to increase the exposure from less than 1 to 5 peanuts BIG DEAL
      I get it the point is not to allow the kids to eat peanuts but to protect them in case they are accidentally exposed but as you suggested can’t the mom’s go to Amazon buy gelatin caps and peanut flour and do it for 1% of the cost?
      Dr. Dave

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