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The Food and Drug Administration wants to ramp up the way it regulates smartphone apps linked to prescription drugs — like medication reminders or symptom trackers.

In a new proposal released Monday, the agency said it may treat some apps like drug advertisements — which would allow companies to distribute apps without going through a review process with every update. Right now, the apps aren’t covered by existing regulations.


The new category would include apps that contain information about a drug that’s on the FDA-required label, apps that allow patients to track symptoms, or apps that send reminders if a patient misses a dose, according to the draft framework.

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  • The day I use my iPhone device to use with my private healthcare information, is the day that I won’t be alive anymore; meaning that someone has stolen my identity from a dead person. The internet is the last place for anyone to use their personal information to provide even more opportunities for our identity theft increased by the most insane reason for the individuals who expect to have their private lives remain private? I don’t think so. Never going to get the majority of individuals who have a modicum of intellect, to ever consider such an unthethical manner of a private life experience. No I will not be doing anything remotely close to the idiotic proposal such as this.

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