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Palantir Technologies, the Silicon Valley data analytics company — and a contractor for the U.S. intelligence community — and German drug maker Merck KGaA (MRK)  are forming a joint venture in the Boston area to help advance cancer research.

The collaboration, announced Monday,  will be called Syntropy. It will offer data analytics tools to teaching hospitals, biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, and others so that scientists can detect patterns that could lead to the development of new cancer treatments.

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  • The major concern of mine, regarding biosimilars is the question of what country of origin are we being forced to accept the only drugs that come some of the most highly toxic locations, like the worst place ever, near the dangerously toxic rivers and waterways that have been noted because the the most significant toxins known to all lifeforms as causing irreparable harm to humans and other species.

    I referenced the STAT column about this topic when the new pharmacy to which, I just transferred my prescriptions to, requested that I try a different but the same type of medication, because my brand was not stocking this medication until the mid-January of 2019, anywhere in the region of New England. I am still looking for the medication, elsewhere. Because I was so well informed about this company that is located in India, next to the worst toxic plant ever, that should be shut down for the manufacturing of anything that is a living species of the planet. Thank you STAT, for the information we need to remain safe with the influx of biosimilars from other countries that should not be permitted to manufacture medications that won’t help, rather they probably will result in the most horrible experiences of our healthcare.

    The next appointment with my physician, I am going to request a prescription for edible medical marijuana; from everything that I have researched myself, I want to try a natural plant for my symptoms. I know many individuals who are now doing much better with their respective health issues, using natural plant treatment protocols that medical marijuana is the reason for their overcoming their symptoms, that are found in the natural plant life. I am not going to ever be exposed to these biosimilars again. I would rather have a more safe and effective experience with medical marijuana, than with these biosimilars that are imported to our country from the most dangerous countries on the planet. I would also pay for my medical prescriptions that are brand name only, and manufactured in safe for human consumption locations on this side of the planet, only.

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