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WASHINGTON — They aren’t the type of words that usually show up in Supreme Court briefs, but on Tuesday, they will be there just the same: Cobra Sexual Energy.

The court is set to hear oral arguments in Nutraceutical Corp. v. Lambert, the latest flash point in a five-year spat between unsatisfied California men and Nutraceutical Corp., a supplement company that sells a dietary supplement called “Cobra Sexual Energy” that contains a mix of horny goat weed, yohimbe, and potency wood, and that the company boasts will help with “animal magnetism.”


The justices will focus more on the “class action” status of the case than the eyebrow-raising merits of the lawsuit. But the case points to the limited role of the Food and Drug Administration in policing the supplement industry. Dietary supplements, which include everything from vitamin C tablets to workout stimulants, are used by 75 percent of Americans, according to a recent survey from an industry trade group, the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

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  • Regardless of the outcome of this particular case something has to be done to control the sale of dietary supplements.

    They fall into two categories; either useless snake oil that does not live up to the manufacturer’s claims or powerful drugs that should not be taken without a doctor’s over-site.

    Who knows how many people have become ill or died trying to self medicate with this junk.

  • The FDA lies to the American people they are in the pocket big pharmacy we pay them and they betrayed our trust they try to decorate them away from people who were getting off heroin and dangerous opioids with the product do not trust the FDA they’re being paid off they do not work for you

  • The FDA is crooked they do not work for the people of the United States they work for a big pharmacy big pharmacy pays him off to band things that actually help people such as crate him kicking people out here when in dangers of opioids and pain prevention crate of us number one attribute great in his safe they lied to you and make you believe they’re trying to protect you are not there in the park it’s a big pharmacy they are crooked as hell

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