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WASHINGTON — The Trump administration announced last week that, in an effort to lower drug costs for seniors, some “rebates” would be passed on to Medicare recipients at the pharmacy counter.

At first blush, it sounded like a new version of the administration’s previous pledge to upend the pharmacy benefit manager industry and the system of “rebates,” which lawmakers and drug makers have blamed for high prices. It got some lobbyists wondering if the administration was pushing this small change in lieu of a more grandiose proposal.

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  • I don’t get it ! What is it that our government officials don’t understand ? We need to
    stop these PBM’s from stealing from all of us !!!
    Here is the way it should be done.
    1. PBM’s get a transaction fee . PERIOD !
    2.Drugs are paid to the pharmacy by actual cost plus a professional fee. NOT AWP, Which is a bogus number that allows the PBM’s to steal the difference between that number and what they pay us ,(which is usually below cost !)
    3.There are no more drug rebates ! This is an extortion method of the PBM’s to put
    a manufacturers drug on formulary . You will see every multi source manufacturer come down in price to get on formulary.
    4.The PBM’s are mandated to be transparent . That means their client can see what they pay the pharmacy. The stealing stops ! The 100’s of millions that were taken from Ohio , Kentucky and who knows how many other states Medicaid and Medicare programs would never have happened .
    The D.I.R fees , which is just highway robbery will stop ! The PBM’s give us NO reason for
    stealing this money from us. Everything is a big secret with them. If the PBM’s have nothing to hide
    let them be transparent !

    What I get out of all this is that the high price of drugs in this country is due to the PBM’s !
    PBM’s need to be governed !!!
    Can someone please show this to Alex Azar and Mr. Trump please !!!!!!!!!!!

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