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WASHINGTON — The health and human services deputy secretary said Wednesday that the pharmaceutical industry’s plan to make drug price information more available in television ads might be a “potential salve,” even though the HHS chief, Alex Azar, scoffed at the very same idea in October.

HHS released a proposed policy in October that would mandate drug companies put the list price of their drugs in TV advertisements. The industry trade group PhRMA has said that any such policy would run afoul of the First Amendment, and released its own counter-plan: An ad wouldn’t include the price of a drug, but would instead direct consumers to another place, such as a website, where they could find more information about how much the drug costs.

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  • Your kidding, right ? List price or whats called AWP (average wholesale price)
    is meaningless. This is the point, we have to get away from this number and
    price drugs according to actual cost. Doesn’t anyone see, this is where the PBM’s can take their money and no one will see! It’s all about the spread between AWP and cost that gets lost in the shuffle . Actually it goes in the PBM’s pocket !!!!!!

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