Yesterday, I lauded the best biopharma CEOs of 2018. Today, I give a side-eye glance to the worst.

To land on this ignominious list, biopharma CEOs had to screw up so badly over the past 12 months to set off my outrage alarm. Serial incompetence is also a qualifier. You’d think I would have trouble finding four nominees. You’d be wrong. The hard part for me is narrowing down the list to just four finalists. Enjoy your reading. You’ll get a chance to vote at the bottom of this post.

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  • That anyone other than Troy Hamilton and Gary Jacob are actually being considered makes this a non-credible poll.

  • Troy Hamilton and Gary Jacob are the worst by a mile. They are either 2 of the most incompetent people to ever run a public company, or they are criminals who need to be locked up for the remainder of their lives. Gary ran off to Australia, and no company ever hires idiot Troy again. The lies told by Troy and their moron CFO Gemignani at the shareholder meeting were astonishing.

  • Agree with several other posts. Troy Hamilton and Gary Jacob win this by an absolute landslide. The other CEO’s in the poll even laugh at Troy and Gary. It is astonishing how they took a best in class drug and ran it right into bankruptcy, while asking for increased compensation, and preaching about shareholder value. The level of ineptitude absolutely boggles the mind with these two buffoons. Forget 2018, these half wits should win worst biotech CEOs of the decade.

  • Troy Hamilton wins this hands down. Its not even close. He destroyed the company in less than a year

  • Hamilton/Jacob and by a wide margin of “victory”.

    How do you file BK six months after shareholder meeting where you requested compensation increases for management?

    How do you sign a $100m loan with a $40m prepayment penalty?

    How do you turn down additional $25m in tranche funding to help you get to 2019 when additional insurance wins take effect or sell company, but then accept $45m of DIP financing to do the same thing?

    King Stupid the I and King Stupid the II

    • That is ridiculous Troy Hamilton/Gary Jacobs are by far the worst, they bumbled 2 public offerings, did not raise enough cash and less than 18 months after launch their company is literally filing chapter 11, left shareholders with nothing, squandered over 900 million to bring drug to market, and had the audacity to ask for a raise during last shareholder meeting, Troy also stated: “he was pleased” with the offer by bhc, the offer that only covers bk costs and nothing else. Do your DD Troy/Gary is the worst, please vote Troy

  • How can Troy and Gary of Synergy not win this award? Only because of lack of recognition by the voters, This award must go to Troy/Gary by any means possible even if the ballot box must be stuffed. Otherwise another travesty would occur. Thank you for your time

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