SAN FRANCISCO — If you were to ask health-care and biotech executives where they want to be next week — where they truly want to be — they will not say San Francisco. Anywhere, they will say, but San Francisco.

There’s the garbage and the human excrement on the sidewalks. There’s the mad dash to try find available accommodations. There’s the panhandling, evidence of the city’s handling of its worsening homelessness crisis. Oh, and there’s the $14,000 meeting cubicles and the coffee, available (this is true) for $170 per gallon.

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  • @Adam Feurstein: You would be an absolute hero if you could rally the biotech world to convince JPM to move. Particularly to San Diego, which is being left behind as SF and Boston absorb all the capital and attention despite what we have to offer. 🙂

  • San Diego is a fantastic choice for any conference, but especially biopharma.

    San Diego and La Jolla comprise a major biotech ecosystem, with Scripps, Salk, UCSD, Illumina, Novartis and all of the biotechs on the Mesa. San Diego is the 3rd largest biotech hub.

    The weather is gorgeous for the entire year — I was there last February, sweating, on the beach!

    It’s also close to investors coming from Asia, has good airline coverage, and hosts many conferences so has hotel capacity.

    It’s really a shame that JPM is not willing to listen to conference attendees — they have a monopoly.

    There’s also the bigger problem that SF needs to tax the tech oligopolies and spend the money caring for the homeless population. It’s incredibly immoral.

  • The conference should definitely love to San Diego. Excellent weather, plentiful hotel rooms, and it’s the 3rd largest US biotech hub after Boston and SF. There is a good reason why San Diego hosts so many conferences.

  • I agree SF is so dirty and the homeless just make me feel unsafe. There has to a better place to hold this conference.

  • Important to remember SF is the birthplace of biotech and Silicon Valley is the center of VC. Boston has taken hold, but they are roughly equivalent in terms of biotech cities. The weather in Boston is horrendous in January and they have the same hotel issues. The homeless problem is the biggest deal, but SF is the best place if you discount that

    • San Diego / La Jolla.

      1) Great weather year round
      2) Well served by airlines
      3) Hosts regular conferences, plenty of hotel space
      4) 3rd largest biotech hub in the US.

  • If getting Asian investors is important, hold it in Las Vegas. Asians love to gamble, much more than Americans do. Somebody should launch a competing show just before the JPM show, and do it in Las Vegas. The weather in January is also better in LV than SF.

  • How about Boston for a location? Arguably eclipsing SF as a biotech hub, but are Asian investors that big an influence at JPM these days?

  • NOT ORLANDO! This is not an exhibit-hall medical conference type of event. Unwalkable, mega-convention-center style infrastructure does not work for an investor conference.

  • Perhaps JPM Week should consider the Twin Cities in MN -if they can do such a bang up job putting on a Super Bowl in the dead of winter, including getting 15,000 locals to volunteer in the effort, just imagine what all their biotech, computer related, innovative people (think Medtronic, St Jude Medical, 3M, Unisys, Prince, etc ) could do with JPM Week?

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