SAN FRANCISCO — The Michaels are outnumbered.

A year after STAT found more men named Michael than female CEOs giving corporate presentations at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, the tables have turned: At next week’s confab, there will be 33 female CEOs presenting corporate updates, compared to 19 men named Michael.

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  • I think whenever articles talking about gender gap in representation or pay comes up, people fail to realize that its a symptom not cause of the anomalies that restrict women from reaching these positions. Rather than just focusing on numbers, it would be nice to see if and how pharma/biotech finance is promoting or supporting women at entry level to sustain and reach these high C-suite positions. Interviewing women or companies that support women through different phases of their career and personal life changes in achieving the apex positions would be a good start.

  • The past year, I recall reading a STAT article, about the successful pharmaceutical companies whose CEO,’S were women. From what I remember, the significant amount of base increase of profits, and/or stock prices, were more impressive than not.

    There are research papers that confirm the results of the hypothesis that female top officials are more successful than males, in newly created pharmaceutical companies. I wish I had the print out for those articles; if one wants to do what it requires. the information is in the archives of STAT.

    Regarding the concept of genes…just responding, seriously.

  • And 90% of NBA and NFL players are AfroAmericans. Somebody should do something about it, pronto!

    …. And yet otherwise raced(?) will still be massively outnumbered on one of sport’s biggest stage

    PS: just messing with you, but still …

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