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WASHINGTON — A drug pricing advocacy group on Thursday announced a roughly $1 million ad campaign to boost a Trump administration proposal to align American drug prices with those in other wealthy nations, providing an outside boost to a policy concept that the drug industry has vocally opposed.

The same advocacy group, Patients for Affordable Drugs, spent $10 million via its political arm to endorse midterm election candidates it said were working to lower drug costs — and to oppose candidates it said were in bed with industry.

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  • It is amusing how the real Americans “don’t want foreign countries setting our drug prices”, although it is not clear why it would be such a despicable thing. And, on the other hand, they are perfectly fine with Russia manipulating US elections and politics

  • The US medical drug supply chain from drug maker to patient contributes substantially to the “cost of drugs” in the USA. Cut out a huge chunk of the interim handlers and their “incentive discounts”, put curbs on the extravagant advertising and lobbying allowances, and the cost would foreseeably come down dramatically.

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