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WASHINGTON — As they jostle to position themselves for 2020, many Democratic presidential hopefuls have suddenly zeroed in on a narrow policy target: prescription drug prices.

Sen. Bernie Sanders called his first press conference since the midterms not to discuss President Trump’s quest for a wall or tout universalized health coverage, but to unveil a proposal to lower drug prices that mirrors one of Trump’s own. Sen. Cory Booker dialed up his own rhetoric to campaign-trail levels, decrying high drug prices as “a stain on the very idea of America.” The House Oversight Committee, too, set drug prices atop its own agenda, scheduling a hearing on that issue that will occur more than a week before it calls former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen to testify.

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  • Well I hope Bernie Sanders realizes that one item in his proposal won’t fly with the PBM’s . He wants pharmacies to be able to buy drugs from Canada. That’s a no no ! The PBM’s need to get their VIG from the manufacturer’s ! If the NDC isn’t on their collection list then the pharmacy sleeps with the fish !!
    I just hope these Senators realize that the problem is with the PBM’s ! Just ask
    the people of Ohio or Kentucky or a dozen other states the PBM’s stole BILLIONS
    of dollars from !! And no one gets indited ? I just don’t get it !!!!!

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