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LAS VEGAS — By every measure, digital health care is a booming business.

For two days in the desert, its exponential growth was on full display at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. What was once an exclusive showcase for must-have gadgets for your home, car, and pocket is now a place where doctors mingle with giant technology companies that are promising, with a straighter face than ever, to make health care their top priority.

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  • I hope that I am not the only individual who is adamantly opposed to any of my private healthcare issues that are compromised by being on the internet? I allowed it one time and against my own better judgment I was not happy to say that I was correct about the refusal of my information on what was told to me to be a sophisticated portal that was impossible to hack into ( a note here that I replied that this was not true ). By the time I returned home I already had countless emails from whomever, most being the most egregious type of pornography I have ever been unfortunate to see. I immediately wrote to the portal agency, including the doctor whose front receptionist said that if I did not have a portal for the office, than I was not wanted as a patient. I should have told her to forget about my ever being a patient with those demands. I did explain and showed the doctor what I had to endure because of the pushy and not at all professional actions of his front desk troll. He was furious with this individual and what I had to endure from the receptionist and then the patient portal.

    I don’t even allow my insurance company to post anything ever on the internet, because of what I just wrote, plus several other reasons too.

    The most horrific idea, ever; I would never be a candidate for such an obvious contretemps from any physicians. If this is the way that the healthcare of patients is going, then I won’t be using the healthcare system again; let anyone who doesn’t care about their own personal healthcare issues to be comprised in such an undignified manner, use the healthcare system that condones this type of healthcare system.

    I will never defer to this type of disreputable way to treat any patient, ever!

    What is wrong with those who willingly allow themselves to use such a disrespectful system as this?

  • Asa Silicon Valley expat and one who helped to create everything from the first browser, Yahoo, eCommerce and more all I can say is that now you cannot trust anything created in the tech world. The only thing that matters now is PROFIT. And GREED at any cost rules.

  • Thsi will go down as the con of the century. We can simply look at health outcomes, and determine that no good can come from the profit driven model. Patients have no rights to control their data or even get correct data. Their data will be harvested and sold for nefarios purposese.

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