President Trump asserted late Friday that drug prices declined for the first time in nearly 50 years, implying in a tweet that his administration’s efforts to speed generic drugs to market were responsible for that historic feat.

But in the context of America’s prescription drug market, the statement is both a non sequitur and demonstrably false.

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  • So? Who Cares?!!! Tired of a anti-trump semantics!! Obama raised insurance prices by 300% but yeah lets shame Trump for keeping the price to a 9.1% growth!

    Seriously you idiots need to shut the f U C K up !

    • You know where that anger you have comes from? It’s the realization that you’re supporting the wrong guy, but you’re too invested to admit it. You don’t have the courage.

    • This article misses the point completely. “Savings from new genetics of $26 billion”. More generic options means cheaper prices form consumers. Stop being so incredibly misleading and be a journalist. Jeez.

  • Why does Trump have to lie all the time! Why not just say that he wishes drug prices would drop more instead of lieing and telling us that they the lowest in a long time. PLEASE JUST STOP THE LIES !!!

    • Trump is a unconventional president and does more in one week than Obama did in 8 years. Obama ruined healthcare in our country just to help a small fraction of the population. Besides Reagan is will be remembered as the second best president our country ever had.

  • The real Fact that trump feels compelled to lie about every one of his “accomplishments” shows not only their failures but his knowledge that they are failures. But, he doesn’t care as long as his cheering section continues to praise him.

  • Everyone knows trump is the biggest liar ever.and people tuned him out a long time ago.ask him why he lost more seats in gov during election than any president in history.since he distorts the truth for his benefit.such a joke

  • I was prescribed a diabetic medication in december. The price was $6.000 for a 30 day supply. This wasnt a joke. The actual price was $6.000. So much for the lie about lower prescription prices.

  • Lol…. He’s right, but he isn’t right….He’s wrong but he’s not really wrong…. this is why folks scream “Fake News”. For every demographic you provide from YOUR sources, I can counter with mine… ughh. Agendas dverywhere and on both sides of the aisle. “The truth out there….. somewhere”.

  • I am a strong supporter of President Trump, think he is doing a terror job, but some of the drugs have more than doubled. I take the prescription drug Gralise ER 300 mg & have been paying $25 for 30 tablets. Went to renew it last week & was told it is $60. That is $2.00 a pill. I can’t afford it, so canceled it. I’m 80 years old & that is a ridiculous price. Increased more than 50%.

  • Sadly, drug prices are still sky high while Washington continues to ignore the plight of the American people. Please remember at the ballet box and remove these clowns.

  • Very helpful article, thank you. I do have one question — what was the ratio of price increases to drops in 2019? And what was the median drop in price?

    • It’s lies. I don’t know of anyone who had a prescription med decrease. We are at the mercy of drug companies and politicians. We need medicare for all.

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