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President Trump asserted late Friday that drug prices declined for the first time in nearly 50 years, implying in a tweet that his administration’s efforts to speed generic drugs to market were responsible for that historic feat.

But in the context of America’s prescription drug market, the statement is both a non sequitur and demonstrably false.

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  • What a shame our Congress keeps letting the American People down. We can’t really blame the POTUS (for much more than the term “fake news”). He is but a recent cog in a greasy grainy profit machine which treats the taxpayer like a cash cow/consumer. If we are unable to bail out a company or pay for it’s product we are of absolutely no use. So much for the American Dream.

    • It is beyond reprehensible that this well known liar, has any right to be in our lives. In any capacity. This most egregious idiotic thing has control over our healthcare issues? A profound example of “oxymoron.” He has to be stopped. Now.

  • Only liberal snowflakes can rant on the pointless difference between declining prices and, not rising as much as the year before prices!

  • Bring up Blinkhealth. com.
    These people are heroes and humanitarians; they can find you the cheapest pharmacy in your area. And it’s free.

  • What drug would that be? Generic aspirin? Azar has jacked up insulin product prices to all time high. If prices have gone down, it would be on drugs not prescribed often. Common sense will tell you the poor and seniors are struggling to pay for prescriptions. Yes, and some are dying. Don’t believe a word trumple says.

    • The price of a generic drug, is often one that has been manufactured by the worst possible facilities that are often penalized for their toxic consequences, that may well be the result of the citizens who are the most needy individuals who are forced to purchase their highly toxic medications from places that have been addressed in the STATPlus Newsletters.

      In the Auribindo facility in India, that has been penalized several times because of the extremely toxic consequences for humans and animals who are only able to access those drugs that do extreme harm and death.

      Paying less for ones own death. Profits over people!

  • I disagree. The same meds that I’ve been on for years my out of pocket rose by 3 times what I was paying. I’m on a fixed income and this is major for me!

    • Rosemary,
      Same thing for me too. Three times the amount of money for the same meds that I have been on, and never have seen them three times the amount then before.

      A bit off topic, yet for us as bad; this year for the first time ever, we are not allowed to use the office in our home, as tax deductions, because of being employed by a company, instead of ourselves. That also brings our taxes three times higher than we ever had to pay ever.

      Yes, our idiot-in-Chief has finally become the regime for that he endeavors to make our democracy and our nation, as his regime. Great…absolutely not!

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