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This year will likely prove to be a banner year for new and seasoned corporate life sciences executives looking to change jobs in the life sciences. With the industry continuing to benefit from the fast pace of technological advancements, the growing influx of venture capital, and an expanding global marketplace, 2019 will bring greater demand for the top leaders needed to catapult life sciences companies forward.

Increasing competition for top life sciences executives across interconnected sectors means that accomplished candidates often attract multiple offers from firms operating in biotech, precision medicine, genomics, and medical diagnostics.


It isn’t a simple calculation to entice talented people to switch sectors. But savvy recruiters are targeting candidates based on the realities of this marketplace. Up-and-coming corporate leaders aren’t intimidated by the risks involved in moving between sectors during the early years of their careers, knowing they can pivot back later on.

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  • It would be a luxury to be part of the group of financially privileged physicians and buy all the information sources we each believe may have importance. I am continuing the shock of penury most of us have lived in. I am at the end of my career. Having cancer interrupt the last few years is more than inconvenient. There is no rehab. There is no reliable insurance for disability even though I
    have owned the contract for my entire career. There is not an attorney who will touch this. But, it is not part of the conversation in this culture. What is part of the conversation is the need for mature clinicians to aid with the development of acumen by our teams of providers. (I am not a provider, nor a 2 year MBA, sic, read fishwrap). I am always glad to help…I can no longer afford to pay for someone else profit.

    I, as a physician, always felt that I worked for patient’s interests,not money.

    May you all be safe and as well as possible.

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