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WASHINGTON — A coalition of patient advocacy and medical groups — led by the American Cancer Society’s advocacy arm and joined by the American Medical Association — launched an advertising campaign Thursday to drum up opposition to a proposed change to Medicare they say will “put patients’ lives at risk.”

“When you limit drug therapies, you threaten lives,” reads the headline of the advertisement. It goes on to say the policy “could interfere with what doctors think is the best course of treatment for their patients and if finalized, could delay patients’ access to lifesaving innovative therapies.”

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  • If one believes, as I do, that access to the most effective health care and treatment is a basic human right, then the first step is to free the healthcare system from the malign influence of profit-making entities. Capitalism run amuck in the medical-industrial complex is wreaking havoc at every level of care. It’s time to put an end to the jockeying for power and profiteering at the expense of patients and their doctors.

  • When “institutions” rather than Doctors are allowed to dictate / limit treatment options and methods, they will for the sake of their bottom line for sure use these “options”. Stupefyingly unfair to sick people and families.
    Trump would not want to be restricted in choice of meds, and stumble for a few years with lesser drugs while his disease progresses beyond repair. So why subject others to this unfair treatment?
    The whole system needs a drastic overhaul. It is idiotic that in the big USA patients walk around with prescriptions they can not afford to fill, or are not allowed to fill. STOP the disgusting “lobbying expenses” by drug companies, force them to apply the savings to the cost of their drugs (not their royally lined pockets). The USA needs daring, gutsy, strong politicians – willing to overhaul the massively flawed health care system, including the outrageous American health care / hospital billing. Too bad that USA citizens don’t have the solution that others have : avoid the USA.

  • While I applaud the administration for tackling this subject, I do not quite agree with the pricing approach. Many drugs/indications are first released in the US , how do we price these? Choosing an arbitrary list of countries to benchmark prices is too simplistic

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