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One of the nation’s largest health insurers has filed a federal lawsuit to protect its trade secrets from the health care venture launched by Amazon, JPMorgan Chase & Co., and Berkshire Hathaway, making it clear it sees the upstart company as posing a major threat to its business on a national scale.

The lawsuit, filed by Optum Inc. in Massachusetts District Court in Boston on Jan. 16, seeks a court order to block one of its former executives, David Smith, from sharing confidential corporate information he allegedly accessed just before he was hired by the new health care company last month.

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  • Plain and simple, the JP Morgan, Amazon, and Berkshire Hathaway venture is a business and not a public enterprise. It is impossible to bring reform or significant public progress under such circumstances. There will be endless business distractions preventing progress.

    To add to this, the Bezos divorce proceedings will bring about a rather bizarre distraction to what should be a focused public policy discussion.

    In my opinion, this was never in cards for this private ego driven venture.

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