WASHINGTON — In a closed-door meeting Thursday morning, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) warned the trade group for the United States’ largest drug companies that he and his new colleagues are working to address high prescription drug prices — and that the industry should participate in those discussions.

“My view was that there is going to be change with regards to pharmaceutical pricing and that I think they would be wise to try and shape the reforms as opposed to hoping nothing will happen, because I think some change is coming,” Romney told STAT in a brief interview this afternoon, when asked about his message to the board of directors for PhRMA, the trade association that represents companies like Amgen, Gilead, and Eli Lilly.

Romney’s tough talk is the latest sign that Republicans, despite their once friendly relationship with the drug industry, are increasingly pushing for drug pricing reform. His remarks come on the heels of congressional hearings this week where top Republicans, including Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, threatened to force drug industry CEOs to testify before the committee.


Romney has not yet introduced or co-sponsored drug pricing legislation since he was sworn in as a new senator in January, but he sits on the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, which has jurisdiction over a broad swath of health policy issues.

Romney was scheduled to speak to PhRMA’s board for 30 minutes, STAT reported Wednesday. While members of Congress are often invited to speak at these gatherings, it’s notable that Romney, only a month into his term as senator, is already being courted by the lobbying group.

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  • I’m lucky that I have good healthcare but I know someone very well who
    has an existing condition who pays an outrageous price to buy healthcare
    and still has to pay the first $6000.00 Hope Romney has success reducing

  • This should leave no doubt as to why Americans pay more for prescription drugs and ineficiaent healthcare, than any otehr developed nation. Romney seems unaware that the American people are catching on to how these corrupt politicians are in bed with the industry.
    phRMA also “educates” journalists and PR people at lavish conventions. That way they can get positive uncritial coverage in major newspapers, and medical websites.

  • Awesome because I consider Healthcare, in particular, prescription drugs, a nation not emergency, that I consider acute, but deplorable condition in an otherwise supposedly progressive country. Many in Europe, incl. My home country are shaking their heads in disbelief

  • When did this guy turn into an idiot. Outrageous cost for FDA approval, mountains of red tap to market, and ridiculous lawsuits perpetuated by all the government lawyers and old Mitt wants to put the screws to the drug companies? Instead of pounding them so they stop producing new lifesaving drug, how about tort reform and streamlining the approval process. Attacking big pharma will make mattered much worse.

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