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WASHINGTON — One of the namesakes of the federal “right-to-try” law confirmed Tuesday that he gained access to an experimental treatment thanks to the new law.

Matt Bellina, who has ALS, thanked the drug company BrainStorm for providing the treatment on Facebook.


“Many of you read last June that Brainstorm would be treating me with the experimental treatment of [NurOwn] under the new federal Right to Try law. Today I want to thank the company and CEO Chaim Lebovitz for following through and keeping their word.”

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  • Our government is so misguided it’s pathetic–they spend billions of $$ on social benefits to literally millions of illegal immigrants. people who should not be here in the first place and yet thousands of U.S. citizens in dire need of medical treatments such as NurOwn for ALS are virtually left to fend for themselves !! Stand up America.

    • Could not agree more. I don’t care how he got access. I care that there may be something that works for ALS. I lost my mother to this horrible disease. Why is STAT and NYU led by Allison Bateman-House making villains out of Mr. Bellina and the company that gave him this therapy? Don’t they claim to want to help patients. They are on a witch hunt. This article and the NYU so called bio-ethicists are hurting ALS patients.

  • This is amazing news. Have you actually spoken to others suffering from ALS? We are all dying a horrible death. If there is something that works for even some of us to stop or slow our disease, this is a miracle. Why do you discount something that is so promising because it was offered through Right to Try. This is not journalism. You are hurting the whole ALS community.

  • It’s clear you have a bias. It’s ok, we all do. have you talked to Mr. Bellina? Do you realize that there has never been a clinically meaningful treatment for ALS? If RTT has offered hope and a person is responding, this is monumental. Are you such a leftist zealot that you have no humanity? I hope fate does not come back to you.

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