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WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Tuesday dealt a fatal blow to an expansive Maryland law that aimed to bar drug makers from “price gouging” consumers.

The law, which the Maryland General Assembly passed in 2017, would have prohibited generic drug manufacturers from raising prices in a manner the state deemed “unconscionable.”


It was nullified in April 2018, when an appeals court held it was unconstitutional because it regulated commerce beyond Maryland’s borders. The Supreme Court on Tuesday formally declined to hear the appeal from the state’s Democratic attorney general, Brian Frosh.

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  • This tells us we need real action on the federal level. Unfortunately with the current administration in bed with the pharmceutical industry, this has only gotten worse. Pharma is using the cutrent criminals at the federal level to do a Smash and Grab on the American public. They have been hiding the real costs from American consumers. WIth Medicare For All or Universal Healthcare, each adn every oe of these corrupt players can be audited, and the prices brought down considerably, meaning billions in savings.

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