BOSTON — Making insurance intelligible is the core mission of the health care venture led by Atul Gawande and founded by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and J.P. Morgan Chase, according to testimony unsealed on Wednesday from the venture’s chief operating officer.

The COO, Jack Stoddard, also focused on the venture’s approach to prescription drug prices — and to the flaws and foibles of a notoriously opaque system. “You can imagine our employers are — just given who supports us — are incredibly allergic to market inefficiencies,” Stoddard said.

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  • While Dr Guwande might be motivated by good intentions, the ghoulish tech comapnies are not. They will use him to give crediblity and human decency to their endeavor. Unfortunately our governmet refused to act to reign in the unscrupulous data industry, which allowed these corportations to steal our health data. Anyone who thinks that something good might come from this, is seriously mistaken. The insurance industry is no longer regulated or even scrutinized as they ruin the lives of Americans for a profit. With so many industry friendly or bought and paid for minions working in our government, and so many of the real scientists pushed out, we can’t expect anything beneficial from any of this.

    Maybe the “news’ should cover how scam insurance companie, like “Trumpcare” are ripping off and killing Americans.

  • I get Bos Globe delivered to my house every day.

    Article …New Ventures Goal is in my Globe on Page B6

    But I can’t find it in the Email I obtain from Globe.

    It is a STAT+ article and locks me out…Why…it is part of todays paper

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