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During congressional testimony Wednesday, President Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, explained why the drug giant Novartis paid him $1.2 million to act as a consultant on the Trump administration.

“They came to me based on my knowledge of the enigma Donald Trump,” Cohen said in response to Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.). He said company representatives came to him, calling the pharmaceutical company  “a multibillion-dollar conglomerate looking for information.” How often did he interact with them for that $1.2 million? At first, Cohen said he didn’t recall. When pressed, he responded: “I spoke to them on several occasions. Six times.”

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  • The only mistake here by Novartis is the paper trail. Every one of the pharma CEOs saw dollar signs, and a chance to increase profits exponentially with our corrupt administration.
    Cohen is starting to look heroic, as he battles the forces of evil. Lawyers used to be the butt of jokes, and portrayed as sleazy and underhanded. This is still true but witht the help of media and a targeted PR Campaign, and propaganda, they have been elevated. The US public has been under the Thrall of our corrupt corporate media, which peddled the con artist in chief to the highest office in our land.

    Novartis knew the fix was in! Just like all of the others.

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