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WASHINGTON — A new dark money group with conservative ties has run more than $100,000 worth of Facebook ads bashing pharmaceutical companies and high drug prices since October, STAT has learned.

The group’s spokesperson is a well-known Republican communications professional who previously worked for President Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services. And its biggest promoter is the conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, who has mentioned the group multiple times on his morning show.

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  • Interesting, but so what? Wow, there’s a strange group of conservatives who are complaining about the Industry (mostly supporting Democrats) followers who raised prices on drugs, are not transparent, and reaping huge profits from their greed. Meanwhile the Republicans passed the ill-reported transparency in drugs bill forcing drug stores to advise of alternative medicine. Maybe that’s the real story rather than looking for anti-obamacare pharma conspiracies. Just sayin’

  • Maybe they are FINALLY not only PROMISING but daring to DO SOMETHING about it. (Trump style.)
    Maybe the deep state is too deep to attack it openly.
    HOWEVER they still need to go after whole sale and pharmacies. Everything there with pricing is happening behind closed doors as well.

  • After more than 4 decades in the health care profession, I am appalled at the meteoric rise in basic medications, especially insulin. Bashing Big Pharma? Let’s play PILE ON! There is NO EXCUSE for their behavior, fiscal and otherwise. They lie to us, as health care providers, and they lie to the public. Although I am neither Republican nor Democrat, I wish to contribute to this 401 (c) (4)!

  • The plot thickens, another dark money group, with perhaps an agenda that goes beyond drug pricing. Maybe they are protecting the medical and insurance industries, from the dreaded Medicare for All. They remain secret only because the mighty pharma industry would attack them, undermine them or create anotehr false counternarrative. If they had truly wanted to bring the prices down, they would have confronted the pharma CEOs at that congressional hearing. Instead they allowed them to blather on with half truths, lies and corporate propaganda. The accents were a nice touch done by design to obfuscate the testimony even more. The American people are sick of watching congress get played by these slippery CEOs.

  • Recommendation: when a spokesperson or politician won’t answer your key question, don’t repeat their statements verbatim, because that it a terrible disservice to your readers. When someone says something false or unverifiable, you should only repeat those statements if you immediately (in the very same sentence) label the statement(s) false or unverifiable.

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