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WASHINGTON — The White House on Monday proposed capping out-of-pocket prescription drug expenses for seniors covered by Medicare, re-emphasizing Trump administration support for a concept endorsed both by pharmaceutical companies and congressional Democrats.

The proposal came within President Trump’s draft budget proposal — a document that also calls for a roughly $5.5 billion funding cut for the National Institutes of Health, despite the recent announcement of research and public health initiatives to end new HIV transmissions by 2030 and develop new treatments for childhood cancer.


The White House budget does not carry the weight of law and, in the past decade, has often gone largely ignored by Congress. While symbolic, the document is seen instead as a yearly opportunity for the administration to identify its spending priorities to Congress.

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  • This is just Orwellian, it is what happens when unregulated Capitalism, runs amock. The most unqualified and incompetant person they could get to run a country, bows to the profiteers, while his nonsense gets normalized. As he Gas Lights our nation, plenty of his catamites parrot the propaganda and lies. It is really no wonder that the US has the most expensive and least effective healthcare in the developed world. The US is in an Epidemic of Despair, and Denial.
    At Mar A Lago, these criminals scheemed to monetize and profit from the VA at the expense of our veterans. While squawking about foreigners they routinely sought out the services of a “Spa” where undocumented women were held against their will, Trafficked, and forced to provide sexual services for billionnaires.

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