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WASHINGTON — A coalition that includes pharmacy middlemen and insurers has launched a six-figure ad campaign attacking a cornerstone of President Trump’s plan to lower drug prices, declaring it would amount to a “big pharma bailout.”

The ads, launched by the Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing, are focused on Trump’s plan to end the rebates that middlemen and insurers negotiate with drug makers in exchange for a drug’s placement on insurance formularies. The ads seize upon the Trump administration’s own admission that the proposal could raise Medicare premiums, given rebates are typically used to make insurance cheaper for patients.


“I voted in 2016 to change business as usual. Now the government wants to hike Medicare premiums to give billions to big pharmaceutical companies. Call your senator, ask them to help stop the administration’s big pharma bailout,” a man, wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, says in one of the ads.

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  • You must be kidding!!! PCMA must really be getting a ass kicking from the PBM’s! Taking away drug rebates will take hundreds of millions of dollars from the PBM’s, That were really never theirs to begin with!!!
    This is extortion money !! Period!!
    These PBM’s have to be governed!
    Actually the CEO’s need to be incarcerated for defrauding the federal and state (many states)
    Governments !!! Why doesn’t D.O.J see this !!!!

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