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WASHINGTON — The House Ways and Means Committee is poised to vote on a slate of as-yet-unintroduced drug pricing bills that would require sweeping disclosures from both drug middlemen and drug makers, according to summaries of the legislation obtained by STAT.

The committee’s markup, which lobbyists say will be held Tuesday, will follow a flurry of drug pricing action on Capitol Hill in recent days. House Democrats, in particular, appear to be moving toward legislating in earnest on the issue, although which bills will ultimately be signed into law, or the strategy for getting them to the president’s desk, is still unclear.

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  • The PBM Accountability Act, would require pharmacy middlemen to report their “aggregate rebates, discounts, and other price concessions” to a public website. WOW !!!! Can you Imagine ? Well IT’S ABOUT FU_ _IN TIME!! But , I’ll believe it when I see it !!!
    Yet the PBM’s complained that publicizing their rebates to competitors and drug makers would only make it harder for them to negotiate down the price of drugs. What a set of baseballs they have ! What they meant to say is ” How are we going to steal all those Billions of dollars we’ve
    been doing for so many years ” I guess being transparent makes it harder to negotiate prices. PBM’s must think we’re stupid. Thing are much easier when the PBM’s clients don’t know how much they pay the pharmacies.

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