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WASHINGTON — Two top Democratic lawmakers are questioning Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s strategy to couple legislation to lower prescription drug costs with far more contentious Obamacare bills, saying the tactic nixes potential for a bipartisan win.

Democratic leadership plans to hold a floor vote Thursday on the combined package of health care bills — effectively rebuking the Trump administration for its attempts to roll back the Affordable Care Act and simultaneously daring Republicans to vote against drug pricing reforms that are increasingly popular.


Republican lawmakers vowed to oppose the package, despite their support for the drug pricing legislation. The Trump administration threatened a veto. And in a rare criticism of leadership, even some Democrats openly lamented the strategy to couple the health issues together.

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  • It is very saddening to see your comments about what “rank and file” Democrats think. I don’t think you have a clue.
    I have a question for you that involves a topic near and dear to me. What is your opinion on the preservation of wildlife , especially in relation to Trump’s decision to allow the import of animal parts for trophy purposes, even tho some species are near extinction due in great part to over- or trophy- hunting and his promotion of the killing of our native wildlife whose numbers are also close to extinction (and have, in some cases, been saved only by citizen groups constantly working for decades to prevent extinction)?

  • Any doubt this side of the political sphere is NOT in there to do their jobs, but preserve their cash cow a.k. USA for their own personal gain?
    Their lust for power is disgusting!!!

  • This is unfortunate for so many of us, where a family member is dependent on insulin. Insulin prices, even with insurance policies, can be $300-$400 each trip to the pharmacy. For some of us elderly, on fixed incomes, this price is unsustainable. Obviously, leadership in the Democratic Party, by putting the two bills together, is NOT listening to their constituency, the citizens of this country. It’s pretty much guaranteed that these bills will not make it past the Senate, and the President, when they are put together! Politics in Washington is not getting citizens the help they need, with reducing drug costs. Many of us will remember this politically driven action, when election time comes! The time has come to put politics aside, and to do what’s right for the majority of the citizens of the United States of America! I’m extremely disappointed in Party leadership, for politicizing the effort to get drug prices down, for Americans! Was this action the result of Big Pharma lobbyists’ influence with Party leadership?

  • If they’d all vote on key things individually and quit playing games we’d all be better off.

    They rather play chicken than vote on something everyone agrees with.
    And both sides are afraid to let the other side take any credit.

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