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A leading cancer center on Friday prevailed in a lawsuit seeking to add its researcher’s name to patents for a form of cancer immunotherapy, a decision that will allow it to license the intellectual property behind the patents to companies developing new therapies.

A U.S. District Court judge ruled in favor of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute on all six counts on which it was challenging the patents, which underlie the blockbuster cancer drug Opdivo.  

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  • The thought that any corporation would not allow any patients who are amongst those who have benefited from a protocol, to help them to get rid of cancer, is not a corporation that should be allowed to receive this treatment of the only way patients have been able to resume their lives, is a corporation that is not helping patients who don’t go to one place only, is unethical and needs to be stopped, in my opinion.

    Another example of profits over patients. That type of corporation is not one to be accountable for their incomprehensible approach to the individuals who are benefiting from the treatment.

    No one else should ever be unable to access the best way to get rid of cancer. Especially when one corporation wants to keep it from being accessible by other hospitals and treatment centers.

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