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WASHINGTON — Online reviews proclaim CBD a “life changer,” “the best thing ever,” and “truly incredible.” It’s a $390 million industry, expected to grow to at least $1.3 billion by 2022. Montel Williams has his own designer line of CBD products; so do Tommy Chong and Mike Tyson.

Despite the rave reviews, CBD is giving Washington a major headache. The Food and Drug Administration has different rules for regulating medicines and dietary supplements like vitamins — and it isn’t perfectly clear yet which category CBD, or cannabidiol, an extract of cannabis used as a home remedy for everything from anxiety to back pain, falls into. Congress, too, has struggled. Lawmakers passed a bill last year that officially legalized hemp, the plant from which CBD is extracted, but left the FDA with little guidance on how to regulate CBD.


This isn’t the typical regulatory morass story, either. The FDA is often criticized for a “slow and burdensome approval process” that keeps promising cures from patients in need, but when it comes to CBD, lawmakers, consumer advocates, and even CBD manufacturers are unified: They want more regulation, and fast.

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  • The US paranoia about CBD is a hilarious slap-stick in its awkward and archaeic stance towards CBD from cannabis plants – while hemp has a greater CBD component yet has been approved. The un-will or snail-pace of the US to change is stiffling, and leads to its self-inflicted out-dating compared to the rest of modern civilization (another example being the return to pre-historic anti-abortion laws). In its tardiness and backwards choices the US is loosing its claim as “the land of the free” and stimulating an underground Wild West.

  • The cat is out of the bag, and the FDA will never get it back in. I have links to studies that show CBD can treat psychosis. It will be a better mood stabilizer than lithium, more antidepressant, more anti-anxiety, and safe both in psychiatric hospitals and after discharge. It will prove to be a better mood stabilizer than lithium. And it will prevent dementia better than low-dose lithium.

    We get highly purified CBD from cbdMD in KY, and there are other sources. It has cured my migraine.

    I assume you have read the NYT article on CBD, or will find it soon. CBD will cause a worldwide revolution in health care. Unfortunately, it will not cure global warming. We should stash some hemp seeds in time capsules in case any humans survive the extinction.

    • I would like to help get the word out about CBD and its incredible ability to help asthma sufferers. Using it in a vape 3 times a time has brought my breathing issues to a halt. After 15 years years of using a Nebulizer, Albuterol, Advair, Symbicort, Singulair, Prednisone etc and all with negative side effects, I finally have relief that lasts and doesn’t make me feel gittery, sick, hungry etc.

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