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What can be done to improve HPV vaccination rates in the U.S.? How does the genetic signature of a tumor lead to an effective cancer drug? What’s it like being a doctor and a cancer patient?

STAT reporters Adam Feuerstein and Matthew Herper discuss all of this and more on this special episode of “The Readout LOUD,” coming to you from the ASCO annual meeting in Chicago.

First, we talk to Dr. Parth Shah, a behavioral scientist and pharmacist, about why HPV vaccination rates in the U.S. are so low. His research points to ways that doctors can convince people to get vaccinated and protect themselves against HPV-related cancers. Next, we speak with Dr. Alice Shaw, a leading expert on targeted therapies for cancer. She’s peered into tumors, seen their genetic vulnerabilities and is using that information to make new, effective therapies. Lastly, we sit down with Dr. Mark A. Lewis, an oncologist and a cancer patient who underwent a grueling surgery to remove a tumor on his pancreas. Lewis will explain how that experience — actually broadcast on social media — made him a better doctor and why he now advocates strongly for patients.


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