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The National Institutes of Health has referred 16 allegations related to foreign influence of U.S.-funded research to investigators and contacted 61 research institutions about such concerns, federal health officials said at a hearing Wednesday.

Dr. Lawrence Tabak, the NIH’s principal deputy director, said the problem stems from “a small proportion of scientists” who, among other concerns, have failed to disclose ties to foreign governments on grant applications. But he and others noted the contributions foreign-born researchers generally make to U.S. innovation, discoveries, and the economy.


“We cannot afford to reject brilliant minds working honestly and collaboratively to provide hope and healing to millions around the world,” he told the Senate Finance Committee.

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  • US Government has an outstanding record of targeting minority groups as scapegoats. Because science has no boundaries the government has to make up excuses to target scientists and academicians. The best excuse nowadays is China. You are fired because you collaborated with a scholar in China. You are indicted because you didn’t tell the authority that you were doing some joint research with a scientist in China. I strongly suggest that the US cut all ties with China if they hate China so much, stop admitting students from China, stop issuing visa to Chinese citizens. This will solve all the China problems the government is scared of.

    • that reminds me when I was working at a National Lab. Every time, there was a security breach they were imposing more controls and restrictions on foreign researchers. Even though, none of those breaches were caused by foreign researchers

  • US hyped-up paranoia about National Security is a numbing stumbling block with brakes that put the US back in the dark ages – and far behind technologically advancing competitors. Are the hyena-hordes of lawyers in the US not capable of devising contracts with far-reaching user-restrictions and ramifications of breach? Instead of running from a problem : fix it !!! There certainly is plenty legal manpower in the US for this job …….

  • Between China leaving behind the US in AI use in medicine, and the government making up threats just to obstruct Huawei’s 5G technology, which is way ahead of US competitors, you wonder, what technology do they need to steal?
    Maybe, they steal it just to have a laugh at the US tech obsolescence!

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