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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — It’s half past noon on a recent Tuesday at the Silicon Valley office of health-tech startup Livongo, and a U.S. map projected on a screen is flashing with pins that pop up and then disappear like fireworks. Each of the 5,000 pins marks the spot where a diabetes patient in Livongo’s program has just beamed in a new blood glucose reading. Most of the pins are green, meaning that the patient’s blood sugar is at a safe level, but some are blue, denoting a level too low, or red, for too high.

These days, Livongo is processing more than 100,000 such readings daily — a sign of the chronic disease-coaching company’s rapid growth ahead of an expected initial public offering sometime this year. It’s likely to be among the first of a new breed of health-tech startups to brave the public markets.

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