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SAN FRANCISCO — The drug maker GlaxoSmithKline announced Thursday that it would team up with some of the nation’s most prominent CRISPR researchers to use the gene-editing technology in a search for new medicines, establishing a new lab in San Francisco and spending up to $67 million over five years.

Jennifer Doudna, the University of California, Berkeley, researcher who co-invented the CRISPR enzyme technology, will help lead the effort, along with Jonathan Weissman, a UC San Francisco researcher who has been using CRISPR to understand the function of individual human genes and how they work together. Both are Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigators.

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  • This is the same GSK .that bribed doctors in the United States of America and China . so as to promote the drugs that they produce for the sake of money only . .In the U. S.A . the crime is civil so they pay money billions of dollars to Washington for which they are able to pay easily . no one goes to prison . .in China the offence is criminal even though unfortunately in one case about three [3] years ago they were convicted yet they only paid about five million Pounds .Sterling as G.SK. is a British Conglomorate pharmaceutical empire .

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