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The weed-adjacent dietary supplement known as cannabidiol, or CBD, has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. People are using it to treat their dog’s separation anxiety, soothe their aching backs, and even to help alleviate the symptoms associated with more serious conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

You wouldn’t know it from its ubiquity in every corner store, but most CBD products are actually illegal under current law — at least until the FDA writes some new rules of the road for the supplements.

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  • They allowed these unscrupulous companies to market and sell this stuff, even though there is no proof that it might work. The FDA, FTC, and the states once again failed the public. They continue to allow these companies to spread pseudo science, lies and misinformation to sell over priced and diluted CBD products to a gullible public. This country used to have laws and regulations about false claims in healthcare, these are no longer enforced. There is a lot of profit in selling hemp oil, and no limits on the false claims in marketing.
    Our regulatory agencies no longer protect any Americans, except for the big corporate players selling woo and snake oil to people who do not even have access to healthcare.

    I learned all I need to know from one of the peddlers, who claimed she had cured her cancer with CBD. She told me that “It won’t work if you are skeptical.” There is no way for any consumer to even know if there is even CBD in a product or what it is contaminated with. The FDA chose to side with profiteers, and not public safety. It is unlikely that hemp oil is any more beneficial than olive oil.

  • Great video, however there has been significant research performed outside the United States regarding CBD integration, US handcuffed itself, preventing research for many years because hemp generated CBD was considered a psychoactive drug like marijuana, and researchers could not access the plant for research, many US physicians have been using research from Israel and other countries for early guidance, however, we must develop our own regulatory framework, fortunately properly extracted CBD has been categorized as a scheduled five product which means it is safer than some of the energy drinks your 12-year-old can buy at the corner 7-11

  • works to vet safety and consistency of CBD products. We also look at efficacy through customer feedback and data collection about what CBD works for unique individual needs.

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