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When someone’s heart stops beating, there is little time to waste. Half of the people hit by cardiac arrest are outside a hospital, and more than 90% of them die unless they are lucky enough to be near a bystander who can start CPR or call 911.

What if the bystander was a smartphone or a digital assistant like Amazon’s Alexa?

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  • Gasping and rapid heart rate is also a sign of sexual orgasm. So Alexa will be listening to us have sex in our bedroom? And if the patient is in the middle of sexual activity, and they choose not to answer the door, will EMTs burst into their home? Those sounds won’t be on 911 tapes. So will volunteers be willing to be recorded while having sex? Do not sign me up.

  • I love this article that open the world. I have high hope for the patient.
    I wish can read more about this trend. Thank you our dedicate scientists!

  • Can we/you signal volunteer CPR trained individuals in the area about the event.
    I would volunteer/ sign up …. ‘in a heartbeat’

  • One of the best AI intelligence, one more thing they can add, if Alex is synchronized with smart watch which is having cardiac rythm it will be very much better to Trace cardiac arrest.
    Hope it will save many life.

  • how long before i can use vr/ar to scan my body and use my fridge as a crisper food maker with genetically tailored nutrients and medicine built right in?

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