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WASHINGTON — “Is Heather Bresch here?”

The mock roll call from Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) was orchestrated largely in jest. In front of him stood six empty shares and an empty table, topped by six nameplates without faces to match. Bresch, the CEO of the generic drug maker Mylan, was not there. Nor were the other five pharmaceutical industry executives who progressive lawmakers had “invited” to testify, and whose names Pocan called out to be met by silence and snickers from a room of left-leaning drug pricing advocates.

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  • Once more i will briefly document here .that i have no none what so ever love for the progressives and or liberals radicals . as they are the ones that due to their hunger, craven and illicit cultures of amassing powers endlessly they indoctrinate the sectors that they are convince with that they will take the baits to just go to hospitals and take pain killers . as should they do so .they will stay healthy and live for ever . yes we love the free avail of health care and drugs as long as we do not have to pay for these services and products . so we just lavishly use them . These cultures of behaviors are exactly as to how these Pharmaceutical Empires were able to exist and there after becomes expires of untold wealth and money . where in there is no stopping them . They bribed doctors to write pain killers by the tens of millions .even when they are caught and go to courts these trials are civil .they are able to pay with the magnet of funds they have with billions of dollars no one goes to prison . Hence there forth why are we surprise and even concerned or worry about the pain killers deaths cells of killings from pain killers . Yes such as in the year of 2017 ,we had seventy two thousands dead bodies from pain killers . yes we are talking about the year of 2017 . The C.D.C has not reported the data and or statistics for the year of 2018 as of yet . Do .i say more .?

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