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The Food and Drug Administration made a mistake Friday by approving a new drug called Vyleesi for women with low sexual desire. This is what happens when drug regulators lower — nearly to the floor — their own risk-benefit standards just so they can pander to special interests.

More on why FDA should have rejected Vyleesi in a moment. First, let’s deal with the Wall Street repercussions of this bad decision, starting with the inevitable, unsurprising but also undeserved jump in the stock price of Palatin Technologies (PTN).

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  • No position in PTN or AMAG

    I like Adam but sometimes it seems like he lacks impartiality. To nitpick about PTN being up $0.67 vs the “deserved” $0.23 makes one wonder if he has a personal interest in the outcome. Vyleesi is probably a drug the world didn’t need but Adam’s stock analysis is maybe an opinion we didn’t need either. This reads like a Seeking Alpha article not a STAT News piece.

  • Adam has no experience running a company and no IQ on how companies are built. He was dead wrong when he said vyleesi will not be approved and he is pissed with himself and thus this article.

  • I hope Palatin take you to the court for spreading false information to cause financial loss to public company. It is not a free speech to publish manipulated data to support your arguments. Facts supported by accepted mathematical and statistics methods is not a matter of your opinion. You admitted that you hoped and wished that Vyleesi will not get approved….who in his world want a drug under development to fail?

  • Sounds like sour grapes from a short seller. He was honest enough to say he thought it would be rejected.

    Addyi didnt make any money because it doesnt do anything and it has to be taken every day.

    I don’t have the time to refute all your false facts, but 80% of the women who were part of the trials wanted to continue.

    Sorry your short position is underwater dude

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